David Pickford gives frequent lectures to schools, businesses, and public audiences. David’s lectures are bespoke events, carefully tailored to the occasion and to the client’s requirements. David’s list of clients is as diverse as the style and subject matter of his lectures. Wide ranging business and public audience credits include Red Bull, The Kendal Mountain Festival, Oxford University, Karrimor ltd, Shaftesbury School, Clayesmore School, Gillingham School, Exeter School, Cliffhanger UK, and the long-established Wilderness Lectures series based in England.

To book a lecture, email climbmagazine@gmail.com for availability and prices.



“Wilderness Lectures would like to thank you for your excellent lecture last night.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and the standards of photography and storytelling were exceptional.”

– Steve Berry, Managing director, Mountain Kingdoms LTD, and organiser of the Wilderness Lectures series


“Thank you very much for such a great lecture illustrated by stunning slides. I have had very positive comments from our students, and the philosophy of risk that you included certainly made them think.”

– Tony Chew, Clayesmore School, Dorset (UK). The following passage is an extract from the review of David’s lecture for the school newsletter to parents by Tony Chew:

David was tempting fate giving a lecture on “Risk and Uncertainty” on Friday 13th November, and on one of the most blustery nights of the year. But the very fact that he did fitted in with his philosophy. His starting point was the perils of a lack of risk, the danger of certainty, of confidence that nothing dangerous will happen, and of complacency.  Vertiginous pictures of climbers clinging to impossible faces and overhangs were punctuated by the promotion of the “joy and wonder” of extraordinary experiences and also observations, many philosophical, about how we should approach life. “In half a day trying to do something really difficult (you) can learn more than you would by spending a whole year doing something easy”. The title of this review comes from a sign which David took a picture of. It does also seem to summarise his own philosophy of the need to challenge risk to gain experience. The words “risk assessment” did not cross his lips –  I don’t believe that was because he did not assess risk but because he saw risk as something to be conquered, not by foolhardiness  but by careful planning, absolute concentration and sheer energy. I am sure it will have inspired some of our students to think more about “embracing challenge”, whether on a GAP year or in their future lives.


“David gave an informative, beautifully illustrated lecture at the Climbing Works. It was incredibly cold – so much so the Works gave free hot drinks out – but everybody left with a smile on their face, inspired to take better climbing images.”

– Matt Heason, Heason Events LTD (www.heason.net)


“Thanks for a superb lecture – your inspirational photos and adventure stories were just the thing to get our brand managers excited about the new project.”

– Red Bull UK (www.redbull.com)